Products and Services

Oncomatrix is dedicated to providing the research community with high-quality products and services designed to promote the understanding of cancer disease development. Our team of specialists procure human tumor and adjacent normal tissues, isolate genomic DNA, RNA and proteins, and preserve the tissues for a variety of histological analyses. Thus, a common fast growing diverse resource of human tumor tissues and their derivatives is available for many researchers working on a variety of cancer biology problems.

Our unique approach is based on distributing not just cancer tissues, but aliquots of cancer tissue molecular derivatives, allowing the material from the same tumors to be used by different researchers for different studies. To bring the resulting knowledge together and to allow researchers to benefit from the cumulative power gained by sharing this common resource, we will soon create a database of published scientific results obtained with our products.

Our goal is to create the ultimate resource of tumor derivatives and to unite different cancer researchers into a big collaborative effort to fight cancer.

Oncomatrix offers four lines of products and services. Please note that because the variety of products is rapidly growing, Oncomatrix does not have a printed version of the product catalog. Please click on the name of a Product Line below and use our search engine to filter to the products that meet your requirements.
  1. Resources for Molecular Biology of Cancer:
    cancer and matched (from the same patient) normal tissue derivative products, including DNA, RNA, first strand cDNA, formalin-fixed tissue sections and extracted proteins. All samples are backed by donor clinical and pathology information.

  2. Resources for Molecular Biology of Normal Tissue:
    derivative products, including DNA, RNA, first strand cDNA and formalin-fixed tissue sections, from normal tissues of cancer patients.

  3. Resources for Analysis of DNA Polymorphism and Cancer Susceptibility:
    panels of genomic DNA from normal tissues of cancer patients and desease-free individuals from the same geographic region and ethnic background.

  4. Special Orders and Services:
    procurement of frozen and formalin fixed cancer tissue samples.
To view tissue and molecular product specification/data sheets, click on the appropriate link below: