Ordering Information


To ensure consistency with the Patient Informed Consent, compliance with the Regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects and Oncomatrix's Requirement for Citation, the following documents must be submitted to Oncomatrix:

1. An ASSURANCE FORM detailing the terms and conditions of sale.

2. An AGREEMENT FOR CITATION of Oncomatrix's original case numbers for the DNA, RNA, cDNA, protein samples, as well as tissue sections, derived from cancer patients.

All orders placed with Oncomatrix must be accompanied by the Assurance Form and, if required, the Agreement for Citation. These fillable forms are available electronically. Please fill in the form fields on the computer and sign the print-out. The forms cannot be submitted on-line. The Agreement for Citation must be signed by the principal investigator.


To avoid order errors, please use the following method of order placement:

Using Oncomatrix's Web site Shopping Cart, mark the products you wish to purchase and print the Product Order List when leaving the Shopping Cart pages. Fax the Product Order List and your institutional order form, together with the signed ASSURANCE FORM and AGREEMENT FOR CITATION, to Oncomatrix:

Fax #: 760-752-3372


Under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all products listed are available only for Research Use Only. The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Sections 312.9 and 809.10 explicitly state that such research products are for investigational use in laboratory research animals or in vitro research. Products are for research or manufacturing use only unless they are labeled for in vitro diagnostic use. Products should not be used for human therapeutics.

All prices are in American dollars. Prices reflect list price and are subject to change without notice.

Payment is due upon receipt of goods unless prior arrangements have been made. A 1.5% monthly late charge on account balances over 30 days past due will be added to invoices from date of shipment. MasterCard and VISA are accepted at time of purchase.

Because of the nature of Oncomatrix's products we regret that we are unable to ship to a home address or a P.O. Box.

Freight charges are to be prepaid or orders will be shipped freight collect unless prior arrangements have been made for charges to be added to invoice. Oncomatrix reserves the right to ship orders via the best method which will insure the stability of the product, minimize freight costs and allow efficient order tracking. Shipments are sent overnight Monday-Thursday.

It is the customer's responsibility to notify Oncomatrix of all necessary documents or permits needed for customs clearance or other purposes.

No returns can be accepted without prior approval by Oncomatrix. Oncomatrix must be notified within 10 days of receipt. The product must be received by Oncomatrix within 10 days after return has been authorized. In certain cases such as a return of dated material or shipments involving special handling, an additional fee may be required. No return of custom products will be authorized if product meets specifications agreed upon prior to shipment.

Data sheets and other product information for most Oncomatrix products can be found on this Web site. For additional product information please contact Technical Support at techsupport@oncomatrix.com.

Oncomatrix warrants, to the original purchaser only, that the products listed in the catalog are of the composition and purity described therein. Statements made about these products by Oncomatrix's sales persons or Oncomatrix's distributors do not constitute warranties and should not be relied upon by buyer. The entire risk as to the performance of this product is assumed by buyer. Oncomatrix shall not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from use of the product. There are no implied warranties relating to the product, including any implied warranties or merchantability or of fitness for a particular research use or other purposes, are disclaimed.


Shipping charges vary depending upon the mode of shipment requested by the purchaser. Domestic shipments are usually made via UPS Next Day Air.