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Oncomatrix is dedicated to providing the research community with high-quality products and services designed to promote the understanding of cancer disease development, which will enable scientists to sooner achieve their final goal, the cure for cancer.

Our team of specialists procure human tumor and adjacent normal tissues, isolate genomic DNA, RNA and proteins, and preserve the tissues for a variety of histological analyses. Thus, a common diverse resource of human tumor tissues and their derivatives is available for many researchers working on a variety of cancer biology problems.

Our unique approach is based on distributing not just cancer tissues, but aliquots of cancer tissue molecular derivatives, allowing the material from the same tumors to be used by different researchers for different studies. To bring the resulting knowledge together and to allow the researchers to benefit from the cumulative power gained by sharing this common resource, we will soon create a database of published scientific results obtained with our products.

Our goal is to create the ultimate resource of tumor derivatives and to unite different cancer researchers into a big collaborative effort to fight cancer.

Regulatory Statement

All Oncomatrix's products are labeled For Research Use Only (RO).

According to current FDA regulations, RO products cannot be used for diagnosis.

Any search or review for information on these products is considered by Oncomatrix to be a request for information by the searcher, and consequently an acceptance on the part of the searcher of the limitations of the use of these products.

Legal Statement

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Privacy Policy

Oncomatrix is committed to respecting your privacy. Our policy on observing your privacy is set out below.
  • Collection: We collect information from our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and job applicants: when we collect information, we will advise why we are collecting it and how we plan to use it, if appropriate. We collect information for our business activities and for functions of employment, direct selling activities, marketing our goods and services, purchasing, and for client relationship purposes.

  • Handling: We collect information from completed forms or from e-mails which may be submitted to Oncomatrix, which may include name, address, telephone number, financial and business details, and, where appropriate, references. We may share that information with our other related bodies, corporate, and our bankers. Unless the law allows us to collect sensitive information without your consent, Oncomatrix will not collect sensitive information without that consent. Oncomatrix will not otherwise sell, rent or trade your personal information.

  • Security: Oncomatrix considers confidentiality of information to be of utmost importance. We take all reasonable security measures to keep physical and electronic information secure from unauthorized use or access, loss or disclosure. When no longer required, Oncomatrix will destroy information collected.

  • Updates: Oncomatrix wishes to ensure all information collected is accurate, up to date and complete. You are encouraged to contact us promptly if you consider information to be inaccurate or incorrect so that remedial action may be taken as may be reasonably necessary.

  • Access: In certain circumstances, you may access personal information held by Oncomatrix, but if we deny you access, we will provide reasons. If you wish to request access or have a complaint about the privacy of your information, we encourage you to contact our Privacy Compliance Officer.
Ethical Standards

Oncomatrix is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards possible. Informed consent and patient rights are key to Oncomatrix's operations. All participants contributing DNA, tissue, and blood learn how their contributions might impact genetic and medical research. The consent forms are structured in an accessible question-and-answer format. In addition, the consent forms meet the highest standards for research involving human biological materials.

Participants may grant consent for a single collection or may elect to participate in follow-up sample and data collection. Participants may also designate whether their samples may be used in research on a variety of diseases or will be limited to their primary disease state.